Advertising in Telegram

An up-to-date and effective channel for attracting customers for your business. After blocking foreign social networks, Telegram multiplied the audience of Russian users and expanded the advertising potential of the site.

I’Brand cases reveal the potential of media advertising

We launch effective media campaigns and get a wide coverage of a unique audience

We launch media campaigns on all available advertising platforms

CA analysis and segmentation
Competitor analysis
Media planning
Search for effective formats
Creating creatives
Launch and maintenance of RC
Post-campaign analysis

We are proud of the indicators
of advertising campaigns:

Sale of luxury real estate

14 897
the cost of the lead
the cost of the lead
after the first month

of Visa Platinum premium cards

the cost of the application
is 1.5 times lower than the cost of the KPI

Sale of tires for cars

increase sales in the official online store
We know how to choose the most effective set of tools for your business.